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Where Earwigs Dare: Matt Harvey’s whimsical poetry

Where Earwigs Dare by Matt HarveyThis slim volume of Matt Harvey’s whimsical poetry – along with a small amount of prose and some cartoons – more than makes up in quality for the absence of quantity (less than 100 pages, with generous white space throughout).

Gems include the fabulous Empath Man who, “fights crime with his advanced listening skills and ability to stay open and vulnerable in a tight situation”, and the Charge of the Late Brigade, which starts:

Half an hour, half an hour
Half an hour wrongward
Flustered and out of breath
Drive the unnumbered
Forward the Late Brigade
Leaving their beds unmade
Fretful and out of breath
Drive the unslumbered

Great fun.

Buy Where Earwigs Dare by Matt Harvey here.

Where Earwigs Dare by Matt Harvey
Very imaginative and, more importantly, very funny
My rating (out of 5): 5.0
Mark Pack, 22 July 2017 |

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