A whisk, a knife, the removal of trousers and Reginald Perrin: yes Robin Meltzer has sent me campaigning again

Norbiton Train StationI really should have learnt by now to expect the unexpected when Robin Meltzer asks me to come campaigning with him. So it is all my fault for having been surprised that this morning when out campaigning in Kingston I was variously been confronted by a whisk, someone removing their trousers and a man with a knife.

The knife was less ominous than it sounds. I think I interrupted the person preparing some food and he came to the door forgetting he had it in his hand. It was only when I mentioned it that he remembered it was in his hand. As for the disappearing trousers… I’ll never know what was underneath as I decided to take a sudden interest in the details of the ceiling. Lovely ceiling it was too.

I also got to see Norbiton train station, used in the Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin as his local train station from which he commuted to work and a lovely example of surviving Victorian train architecture.

Good chocolate biscuits too, up there with Streatham.

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