What should be in the Freedom Bill 2?

As I mentioned earlier, one of the pleasant surprises with the Mid-Term Review was the inclusion of a promise to do more on civil liberties:

As we take these steps to reshape the British state for the 21st century, we will take further steps to limit its scope and extend our freedoms.

The two main civil liberties issues at the moment are secret courts and the online snoopers’ charter, which are covered elsewhere in the document:

We will legislate to ensure that the security services are properly monitored through increased Parliamentary oversight and that proper balance is struck in trials involving highly sensitive matters of national security.


We will consider the report of the Joint Committee on the draft Communications Data Bill before bringing a new Bill to Parliament.

So what of Freedom Bill 2? Its contents are still very much up for debate and so far seem to be rather weighted towards the ‘small but sensible tidying up of anachronisms’ end of things. The equivalents, that is, of the first Freedom Bill’s reforms to let you marry at 6:01pm.

It is however also a chance to push for more substantive content too. So what else would you want to see in it?

UPDATE: Some suggestions via Twitter –

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