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Ouch, that’s some newspaper error

From the latest ruling of the Press Complaints Commission (with my emphasis):

The Press Complaints Commission has upheld a complaint against the Alloa and Hillfoots Wee County News under Clause 1 (Accuracy) of the Editors’ Code of Practice, after it published a front-page article about a local housing association which it said was involved in “fraudulent and improper activities”. The complainant, the director of the housing association, said that the article was fundamentally inaccurate and that rather than being a suspect in a police investigation into fraud, the housing association was in fact the alleged victim.

The PCC ruling includes this:

The internal documents provided by the newspaper to corroborate its story contained no confirmation that either the association or the complainant was a suspect. In fact, in the view of the Commission they strongly indicated to the contrary: they recorded that the complainant had been present at meetings where the matter had been discussed, and that he had provided the committee with updates on both internal and external investigations. There was no reference to potential disciplinary action against him or any member of staff. The newspaper had provided no other evidence to corroborate its position that either Ochil View or the complainant was potentially implicated in the allegations, and this claim had not been put to the complainant before publication.

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