A surprisingly good online debate about ex-Liberal Democrats

Online comment threads don’t exactly have the best of reputations for high quality debate.

Add to the mix a thread being not just about contemporary politics but also about the Liberal Democrats, coalition and tuition fees to boot and it’s not hard to find plenty of such threads which do indeed make you wonder how humanity has survived for so many centuries.

Then add to the mix the forum being Reddit, home to all sorts of controversies about unsavoury content, and your expectations might be quite low. Mine certainly were (despite also having found absolutely gems on the site such as AskHistorians).

Mine were also completely wrong. This thread on Reddit certainly contains plenty of views I disagree with. But it also contains plenty of good debate, a decent representation of what many 2010 Lib Dem voters I’ve since spoken to on doorsteps says and even (gasp!) people listening to the comments of others and modifying their positions accordingly. Well worth a read.

(If you’re wondering what Reddit is, then take a look at this fun explanation.)

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