Congratulations Julia Cambridge – selected for Chesterfield

A news release from Chesterfield Liberal Democrats brings the news:

Julia CambridgeChesterfield Liberal Democrats have announced that their PPC [Prospective Parliamentary Candidate] to fight the 2015 General election is to be Julia Cambridge. At a packed hustings on Saturday afternoon Julia Cambridge won by taking 85 per cent of the members’ vote.

She said: ‘I’m thrilled at the opportunity to fight for the people of Chesterfield. They have been telling me they want a full time presence in the community who understands what’s important to them. I will fight for what they need including better housing, lasting jobs and apprenticeships.’

Julia has been a lifelong campaigner and following a high profile corporate career working in Europe has been lecturing to the business community.

She first became interested in politics during the miners’ strikes in the 1970’s. As a young girl she was afraid of the dark; in her speech to local party members she explained: ‘The strikes meant that we had no heat or light.

One night, when my sister had been burnt by a candle and my mum was at her wits end, I asked why it was dark, from one parent I got the answer, “the government”, from the other “the unions”, which puts me where I am now fighting for, and helping the whole community.’

If Julia Cambridge wins for the Liberal Democrats in 2015 she will become the first ever woman MP to represent the Chesterfield constituency.

She continued: ‘I’m determined to campaign here for a good deal for the people of Chesterfield and make sure that national policies benefit local people.’

Julia Cambridge will be adding her voice to that of local Councillors to press for strategic community action.

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