Tuition fees versus income tax

From the latest YouGov poll comes this counter-intuitive finding (bearing in mind the political state of the Liberal Democrats) about income tax and tuition fees:

Increase income tax in order to get rid of tuition fees for university students?

Support: 27%
Oppose: 58%

Amongst Liberal Democrats voters in 2010:
Support: 35%
Oppose: 53%

Amongst 18-24 year olds:
Support: 34%
Oppose: 48%

Which makes for a good example of why there’s more to politics than simply picking the policies which come out best in the polls. For it was, then the Lib Dems walking back from increasing income tax to axe tuition fees would have turned out fine and dandy. It hasn’t (politically, that is – the substance of the policy is another matter).

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  1. In other news, people think buses should run more on time, that they should be taxed less and that we should tax bankers to pay for everything.

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