EBuzzing Top Liberal Democrat Blogs, February 2013

Here are the Liberal Democrat entries in the top 100 political blogs as ranked by EBuzzing for February 2013.

Hello again to Alex Folkes and Andrew George. Farewell (temporarily, I’m sure) to Liberal England, Liberal Vision and Mark Thompson.

1 (5) Liberal Democrat Voice No change
2 (30) Mark Pack Down 5
3 (43) Jennie Rigg Down 14
4 (48) Stephen Tall Down 5
5 (56) Zoe O’Connell Up 5
6 (57) Paul Walter Down 3
7 (59) Lynne Featherstone MP Down 25
8 (65) Alex Marsh Down 3
9 (67) Alex Folkes NEW
10 (84) David Allen Green Down 15
11 (86) Neil Monnery Down 19
12 (88) Mark Valladares (Liberal Bureaucracy) Down 14
13 (97) Andrew George MP NEW

Under EBuzzing’s methodology the overall profile of blogs that tend to support a particular party or cause can become a self-reinforcing cycle because the higher a blog rates the more its links to other blogs count, so those blogs in turn come out higher and hence any links from them back to the original blog count more driving that blog higher and so on.

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