Making your USB cables simpler: the Innergie TACC-FMD70 3 in 1 Magic Cable Trio

Innergie TACC-FMD70 Magic Trio 3-In-1Their engineers call it the Innergie TACC-FMD70, their press people call it 3 in 1 Magic Cable Trio, and I’m just happy to call it a very useful cable.

It’s the latest device from Innergie, makers too of the mCube Slim 95 universal power adapter which has become an essential piece of travelling kit for me.

As with that adapter, the Innergie TACC-FMD70 is designed to reduce the clutter and improve the convenience for people travelling with gadgets. It is a USB cable, with three different attachments all built-in so you can use it to connect up or charge your device, regardless of whether it is an Apple, Mini USB or Micro USB one.

Unlike the mCube and its different power plugs, this cable comes with all the three options built-in, so there are no loose pieces to remember to carry round with you. Instead, the adapter end comes apart, revealing the different plugs in turn.

As with the mCube, Innergie have not quite got the details of super-convenient, super-stylish right. It’s a great concept, decently executed. Decently, not brilliantly as it requires quite a big tug to reveal the different plugs.

Moreover, the absence of an instruction leaflet means the user is not bored to death with poorly translated paranoid legalese. Yet it also means you don’t get told a few basic facts, such as that you can only use the cable with one device at a time, even though you can expose more than one adapter end simultaneously. (This is because the adapter you want to use only works if all the previous ones in the chain are plugged in to each other.)

That said, it held up well to the wear and tear of my first trip with it and, used with a Mu plug, makes for a convenient, thin and light bit of charging and synchronising equipment for all my gadgets. It will be making many more journeys with me.

You can buy the Innergie TACC-FMD70 3 in 1 Magic Cable Trio from Amazon here.

Note: a review copy of this product was provided to me for free.

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  1. I've got a lead with the same three plugs on the end for £1 in Burnley Poundland. It doesn't look as nice but then I've got £13 to make up for that 🙂

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