Tim Farron names members of the review group set up following Channel 4’s allegations

It seems to have been mostly missed, but last night on Channel 4 Party President Tim Farron confirmed who the members are of the review group set up following Channel 4’s allegations this week about Chris Rennard.

So here they are:

  • Tim Farron (Party President, chairing the group)
  • Sal Brinton (Lib Dem peer)
  • Jane Smithard (a barrister by profession)

UPDATE: Or rather, the first three members. Tim Gordon has since added on Lib Dem Voice about both this and the other inquiry:

Firstly there will be an investigation into the specific allegations under the Party’s disciplinary rules. It is important that everyone has full confidence that the investigation into these specific allegations will be thorough and in-depth. We will therefore establish a panel of five people, including at least three women, representing a cross section of the party. It will specifically include people with strong legal and HR backgrounds and people independent of the individuals involved.

Secondly, given the concerns raised about how such issues have been handled in the past, an immediate review has been established into all of our procedures for dealing with these issues, including a thorough examination of how allegations made in the past have been handled. I fully understand the concern from some that, given the nature of the allegations now emerging, an internal review is insufficient. We are therefore currently looking at ways to strengthen the independence of this review – we will add non-party members to the group and will seek professional advice from external sources.


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