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Visiting Gibraltar? These are the guide and the map to get

Historic Walking Guides - GibraltarAs several other online reviews warn, it’s not hard to get a guide to “Gibraltar” which actually is mostly a guide to nearby parts of Spain. So one of the major marks in favour of Tristan Cano’s Historic Walking Guides: Gibraltar is that it is indeed mostly about Gibraltar with just one section on Spain.

The book is rather more the work of an enthusiastic hobbyist than of a professional publishing house given the number of typos, gremlins and small inconsistencies in the text. However, that makes the heart of it – knowledge of Gibraltar, shared with eagerness and insight – all the better. The eight themed walks comprehensively cover Gibraltar and cover a range of tastes and interests. There is also plenty of other information about places to eat, where to find particular shops, tours available and so on.

It would be useful to have a little more information about quite how hilly or not the walks are and the maps which go with them are rather sketchy.

That’s why my second recommendation for visiting Gibraltar is the Gibraltar Superb 3D Map & Guide. The “guide” bit means there’s some information on the reverse; useful if sparse. It’s really just a map. Sometimes 3D maps can be less useful for finding your way around that a more prosaic 2D approach. However, given the huge numbers of small roads, passages and roads that do not meet at 90 degrees, the 3D effect is very helpful at giving a sense of context and direction, even if the specific details of the particular junction you are stood at are not completely clear. The map also stood up pretty well to several days of regular unfolding,¬†folding, creasing and turning back on itself.

Combined with the guidebook, the job gets done very nicely, thank you.

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