Plans advance to change date of next European Parliament elections

From the Council of the European Union comes news of plans to shift the date of European Parliament elections:

The Permanent Representatives Committee [composed of the ambassadors of the 27 EU member states] … endorsed a draft Council decision bringing forward the period of the next European Parliament’s elections from 5-8 June to 22-25 May 2014. The draft decision’s main objective is to ensure optimal conditions for the elections and hereby to strengthen the European Parliament’s legitimacy. It also responds to a request by the European Parliament. In 2005 the Parliament asked to bring forward the date of the election to May so that it can better organise itself to expedite the election of the new Commission President and avoid the beginning of the summer vacation in several member states.

The draft decision still needs to be formally adopted by the Council by unanimity after having consulted the European Parliament.

One response to “Plans advance to change date of next European Parliament elections”

  1. First asked in 2005? Has the EU really taken 8 years to decide whether an election can be moved by a month?

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