Dear David Philips, How hard is it really to remove your estate agent boards?

Dear David Philips,

The space outside Monkridge Court on Crouch End Hill, Crouch End has consistently being used as a dumping ground for your advertising materials for many months now. I’ve rung often often to let you know, yet here’s what I found today:

Dumped David Philips estate agent board, Crouch End Hill

What’s particularly unfortunate is that  not only does this problem persist, but whenever I’ve left my name and phone number asking you to let me know what’s happening, I’ve never had a call back.

One phone message might go astray, but several over several months?

So perhaps this time you could finally both manage to sort out the Monkridge Court problem, and the indeed also remove the other dumped estate agent board I left a phone message about today on Stroud Green Road:

David Philips estate agent board, Stroud Green Road


As an added bonus, perhaps this time I could also actually hear back from you with confirmation that something is being done?

(By the way, the Contact Us page on your website, http://www.davidphilips.co.uk/informationpages/contactus.html, is broken – when a message is submitted it comes up with a Sendmail error.)


Yours etc.



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