That’s so not how to select Euro candidates

Jon Worth has the story:

Someone who was on the selection panel who seems to have selected… herself. And then deleted the tweets [with the evidence].

As he recounts regarding Labour candidate Nicki Brooks:

There were two tweets from @NickiBrooksx dated 16th February that seemed to show she had sat all day on the selection panel. I linked to those tweets here. I was also even decent enough to try to give Nicki a chance to reply, having tweeted this to her, also on 9th April. That tweet received no reply, nor to the tweet I wrote to Johanna Baxter and Ellie Reeves, NEC members, that you can find here.

Anyway, what has happened this evening? The offending tweets… have been deleted.

The full story is on Jon Worth’s blog here.

Problematic though the Liberal Demcorat selection processes can be at times, at least they’ve never sunk to this.




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