Derby election fraud case finally reaches court

Back in May 2012, the Liberal Democrat team in Arboretum ward, Derby complained of dodgy-looking activity on polling day.

It’s now finally come to court:

FOUR women and a man have appeared in court as part of an investigation into allegations of fraud during elections in Derby last year…

Tameena Ali and Samra Ali, both of St Chad’s Road, have been charged with personation, and Akhtar, of Rosehill Street, with misconduct in a public office.

Maqsood, of Holcombe Street, was charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice and Akbar, of Rosehill Street, with perverting the course of justice…

At last year’s elections, the Arboretum ward was a gain for Labour as Gulfraz Nawaz received 1,757 votes.

Tullah Khan, of the Liberal Democrats, received 1,743; Simon Hales, of the Green Party, 248; and Ross McCristal, from the Conservatives, 186. [Derby Telegraph]

5 responses to “Derby election fraud case finally reaches court”

  1. That’s the trouble with all sorts of Law, particularly Company Law. It may be there. It may be excellent. But it is completely ineffective due to delay. I am aware of one insolvency possible malpractice case of no great complexity which has been grinding on for over two years. A flash of that exceptionally rare commodity called common sense would have settled it in less than an hour. Keeps the lawyers from needing to claim benefits I suppose.

  2. I leafletted that ward for our narrowly losing candidate (who I remember being suspicious of fraud on the morning of the election). I’d be delighted to see the fraud exposed and democracy restored; there’s too many reports of this sort of thing happening, Labour are being too complacent about how they get some of their votes.

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