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The best online campaign site I’ve seen this month

Amnesty International - Trial by TimelineTurns out I’ve been guilty of 6 crimes in 55 countries.

How do I know? Courtesy of the very smart Trial by Timeline site from Amnesty International New Zealand.

You have to give it permission to check through your Facebook content, and it then spots what things you’ve done that would be against the law in various countries around the world.

I’ve come across a few apps that try to do similar things in the past, e.g. showing you the amazing holidays you could go on with your friends, taking their photos from Facebook.

This one however is vastly better both at the level of technical execution and also the use of technology not for its own sake but to demonstrate a message – that ordinary people doing ordinary things find themselves oppressed by governments in many countries.


2 responses to “The best online campaign site I’ve seen this month”

  1. 6 crimes, 79 in countries I am proud to say, thankfuly I have proabably not mentioned on facebook I have a driving licence, otherwise could have added driving in Saudi to the list

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