The Sun goes neutral on election day for first time

A first in The Sun today – its polling day leader doesn’t endorse a party and instead says, ‘vote local’:

THE Sun is not going to tell you how to vote today…

Sometimes we endorsed Labour or the Tories at election times.

But today, as 18 million people have the chance to elect new local councils, none of the big four deserves our support.

Tories, Labour, Lib Dems and yes, even UKIP, have all proved beyond your trust…

Who you choose today must be a local decision, not a national one.

Read the leaflets. Listen to what all the actual candidates are telling you, and judge them individually.

Did they deliver on their 2009 promises? Have they the right priorities for the next four years?

Let them all win back our faith the hard way. One by one, from the bottom up.

4 responses to “The Sun goes neutral on election day for first time”

  1. Can’t believe they are using the phrase “the big four”. Anyone would think UKIP actually had MPs!

  2. Well, their acceptance of multi-party politics is sthg to be welcomed; now we just need an electoral system to suit that.

  3. The way it should be! Quite impressed with the position. Unfortunately I think it is more politically motivated and in fact a sales pitch to parties for future elections. Perhaps should read “In light of Leveson no party has offered us a good enough deal, nor done enough to woo us. So come on parties make us a deal we can’t refuse.

  4. Sounds like an endorsement of what we know to be fact …. put in the hard work locally, show local voters that you do care, that you are around all year, THEN you will win that trust.
     I assisted a County Cllr in Herts who was reelected with an increase of majority from 100+ to 400+ … no prizes fgor guessing, he had put in 8 years of consistent local work. This was recognised by the responses when knocking up. Well done the Sun 🙂

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