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Got an automated sales call from 0161 814 9565 (DS Financial Services)?

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Well I did. Which is interesting for three reasons.

First, automated sales phone calls are meant to be made only when the caller has prior permission from the recipient to make an automated call.

Second, because when I rang the firm and was told I was speaking to Jonathan Edwards of DS Financial Services, he told me that they are a “government-backed firm”.

And third, as he said my phone number had been given to DS Financial Services by the government with permission to use it in this way.

Hmm, yes. Or rather no.

You also received such a questionable call where they make claims of such questionable accuracy? Remember you can report it for investigation by the Information Commissioner.

There’s a very simple and quick online form you can fill in here – and it’s well worth doing so, because the Information Commission rarely leaps into effective action after one complaint about such a firm, but does take action when it gets many. So do what I did, send in a complaint and help get something done.


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