Less than 1% of terrorist attacks in Europe are by Muslims

An interesting analysis of Europol’s data on terrorist attacks:

Once again, a minuscule percentage of terrorist attacks in Europe were committed by Muslims. In 2009 and 2010, there were a grand total of 543 terrorist attacks, of which only 4 were committed by Muslims. This means that only 0.7% of terrorist attacks–again, less than 1%–were committed by Muslims.

Meanwhile, in that same time frame, separatist groups in Europe committed 397 terrorist attacks, or 73% of terrorist attacks overall.  In other words, separatist groups committed 99.2 times (almost 100 times) more terrorist attacks than Muslims.

See the full story and data here.

Hat-tip: Kelly-Marie Blundell

2 responses to “Less than 1% of terrorist attacks in Europe are by Muslims”

  1. Mark – that piece refers to the 2011 report. The 2013 report was published last month:
    That has 6 out of 219 terrorist attacks in Europe in 2012 carried out by religiously inspired individuals, so slightly under 3%. (This is an increase from none at all in 2011.)
    Of course, with figures that low and sporadic, the only thing that can be clearly determined is that there just aren’t very many of them!

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