Michael Gove runs into a little interview trouble

Saying that many Conservatives are viewed as “unreformed and grumpy” whilst talking about how David Cameron is a PR man probably isn’t the best of ways to go about giving an interview if you are a leading Conservative yourself, as Michael Gove has discovered today with the Evening Standard:

Michael Gove has given a fascinating interview in today’s Standard. Perhaps the most eye-catching is his admission that David Cameron is still seen by many as the “star centre forward imported to an otherwise unreformed and grumpy team”.

Now I know the Shadow Schools Sec was referring to the way others perceive the Tories rather than his own view. But wasn’t that exactly the Theresa May defence when she came out with her “Nasty Party” line? Labour ministers may seize on this…

Gove then walks straight into Labour’s trap of claiming Cameron is a mere PR man. “It is better to have a leader who is good at PR to one who wears the wrong clothes when he goes to East Anglia [ie G Brown], but it shouldn’t distract us from the big arguments that will really help us to win”.

Ah well, makes a change from the questions over the source of donations to his local party.

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