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The party has a tie-up deal with Amazon which means that if you are buying a book (such as a certain book from a certain┬ájournalist on The Times, which of course no-one is reading), the party earns commission – without you having to pay anything extra. Any of the links in this posting will earn that commission, or you can use the Amazon link at the bottom of all the pages on www.libdems.org.uk.

President Gore and Other Things That Never Happened - book coverAll of which is of course just an excuse to mention that a book I’ve written a chapter for has just been published – President Gore and other things that never happened. Slightly frighteningly, my chapter is first one, about the 1832 Great Reform Act and what would have happened if it had been defeated.

One of the crucial early votes only passed the Commons by one vote, with several MPs switching to back the Bill at the last moment – including one who had spoken against it and one who had even resigned from the government to oppose it. What would have happened in that vote had gone the other way? Get the book to read about how our history could so easily have turned out.

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