More bad poll news for the Tories

Anthony King writes in today’s Daily Telegraph:

Almost every trend relating to the Tory party is either static or downwards. As the figures in the chart show, the proportion of voters thinking Mr Cameron “is proving a good leader” has fallen from 46 per cent in February, when he had been party leader for only a few weeks and was still relatively unknown, to only 35 per cent now… some 86 per cent of voters have no idea what to make of the Conservative leader and his rhetoric. A substantial majority fear he may be merely vacuous.”

Interestingly, despite the talk about how the Tories are more popular when associated with David Cameron, the one question YouGov asked which touched on this point suggests that he’s less popular than his party. Moreover, the other questions about him show his ratings are on a consistent downward trend.

You can check out all the polling trends for yourself in my database, PollBase and read about the reliability of opinion polls here.

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