Al Yamamah: Conservatives silent, yet again

Royal Air Force (RAF) GR4 Tornado fighter - public domain image

PMQs today: Ming Campbell questioned Tony Blair about the blocking of prosecutions for corruption over the Al Yamamah arms deal with Saudi Arabia. As for the Conservatives, the technical official opposition and lovers of rhetoric about being tough on crime? Silent yet again on the issue.

It’s clearly a very sore point for Blair (you can tell how rattled he is by how rude he is in response). Yet even with that to entice them to raise the issue, once again the so-called “Official Opposition” have run a mile from the issue. Could it be because they have rather more connections with Saudi arms deals and money than they would rather we knew … ?

Note: the Liberal Democrats have a blog dedicated to Al Yamamah and related issues: www.corruptionisacrime.com.

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