EXCLUSIVE: Labour boast about fake candidates in Lambeth

A Labour member has boasted to other colleagues about a dirty tricks campaign that helped Labour in the last May’s local elections in Lambeth.

In a leaked exchange from Labour’s official online discussion forums, a Labour party member wrote:

There was a brilliant campaign in Lambeth in the last local election, with two ‘grassroots’ campaigns put up by concerned locals to unseat Lib-Dems by focussing on the Lib-Dems, on the issue of a new school and closing Clapham swimming pool.

Actually teh campaigns were not grassroots at all, the Local Education Action Plan being a slick front, a stalking horse put up to get Labour back in, if not a Trojan horse were LEAP to have won any seats at all. They targetted Lib Dems specifically and only, an odd tactic considering if they were really interested in office they’d have bandwagoned onto demolishing Labour seats (as happened everywhere else). Labour indeed retook Lambeth, the only council gain the party made on the night.

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