Miranda Grell and the case of the mysterious court transcript

Well, well, here’s a puzzle.

In response to my previous blog posting about the Labour councillor convicted of smearing her opponent, Joanne made numerous comments defending Miranda Grell, including this one:

Rubbish. I have read the transcript of the trial and Grell said during that trial that she thought Mr Smith’s partner was 19 because she had seen him with her own eyes and that is the age he looks. She said nothing about knowing or not knowing about him being 39. Read the transcript before sounding off.

and also:

Read the transcript.

not to mention:

I have read the transcript

and then:

I have just had a look again at my copy of the transcript

and also this:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, read the transcript

which was followed by this:

the transcript’s available from Waltham Forest Magistrate’s Court

and even:

The transcript can be obtained by phoning Waltham Forest Magistrate’s Court and requesting a copy

So, I think you can guess what I’ve done, can’t you? And here it all starts to go wrong for Joanne:

1. Records from the court case are not handled by Waltham Forest Magistrates Court but instead in Redbridge. Ringing Waltham Forest doesn’t get you to the right place.

2. The answer to my question about whether a transcript was made? “No”. And when I asked again just to be sure? “There won’t be a transcript”.

3. The only records that are available – the notes of the legal adviser (which isn’t a transcript) – are not available on request over the phone. (You have to write in with reasons).

Draw your own conclusions. Mine? I’m impressed with someone’s ability to read a document that doesn’t exist. It’s a handy skill.

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