Absolutely, positively my last post about Peter Hain today

Ok, ok, ok. I know. When I said he had four problems at the moment, and then when I said he had five problems, I was wrong. The numbers just keep ratcheting up.

As Benedict Brogan writes:

Did Peter Hain lie in his statement last night? That’s basically the question being asked today after it emerged that at least one of his donors claims he had no idea he had contributed to the tanned one’s deputy leadership campaign. And what’s this Progressive Policies Forum? The mysterious “think tank” exists only in name. If you drop by its registered address in Wimpole Street, you find the office of the solicitor listed on its company file. So is it a front for channelling cash to Mr Hain?

And with that, I’ll say goodnight and stop blogging about Peter for the day. Unless of course it is revealed that Peter Hain is the secret lovechild of Winston Churchill and Greta Garbo.

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