Nick Clegg calls for MPs’ expenses to be published

A Liberal Democrat press release brings the news:

The Liberal Democrats have today written to the Commons Speaker asking when the detailed breakdown of MPs’ expenses will now be published.

Commenting Liberal Democrat Leader, Nick Clegg, said:

“There are legitimate grounds for appealing the decision to publish private addresses. However, there is no earthly reason why the rest of the information should not be published immediately.

“Any delay will only add to the British public’s distrust in their politicians.”

It’s been securing a fair amount of coverage, including in The Times:

The Speaker of the Commons is facing a revolt over his decision to fight the release of MPs expenses in the High Court after the Liberal Democrats formally declared their opposition to the appeal.

Nick Clegg is calling for the immediate publication of the data relating to 14 MPs — including the Liberal Democrats Sir Menzies Campbell and Mark Oaten — after the disclosure order by the Information Tribunal. Details about other MPs’ expenses would follow in October…

Today the Liberal Democrats urged the Speaker to publish all the details, minus MPs’ addresses, as soon as possible. They said that they did not believe it merited a costly High Court action.

Paul Burstow, the party’s chief whip, contacted Mr Martin to raise concern over the issue and to ask when the expenses details would be released.

A spokeswoman for Mr Clegg said: “We agree with the appeal about the publication of addresses, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the expenses cannot be published now.”

Here is the Daily Telegraph:

The Liberal Democrats accused the Commons Commission, which Mr Martin oversees, of misleading them after the party was sent a letter promising that the expenses would be published in full this week, and that there would be no appeal.

The Sun also:

COMMONS Speaker Michael Martin yesterday GAGGED MPs from discussing his High Court bid to keep their expenses secret…

Last night the Lib Dems called for him to publish the claims but not the addresses.

and most other newspapers too.

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