Boris Johnson forgets yet another election promise

Well, well. Here we go again. Not content with overlooking the existence of a key Olympics memo, forgetting that he spent £465,000 on consultants, both ruling out and also not ruling out North Kent as an airport location, both wanting a statue of Sir Keith Park on the fourth plinth and yet also not wanting one, and of course also failing to ensure that full checks were carried out before he appointed senior staff, Boris Johnson has now tried to dodge another election promise.

By claiming he never made it.

Which is a bit of a problem given that he was filmed making it.

Caterersearch has the story:

London Mayor Boris Johnson has reneged on a pre-election promise that only hotels and restaurants paying a ‘London living wage’ would be promoted by Visit London ahead of the 2012 Olympics … The Mayor initially denied making the promise in a letter to Caterersearch, but when we presented his press office with video proof, he then sent an updated letter, in which he claimed a partnership with businesses would be a more effective way of implementing a London-wide living wage.

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