Labour, Lewisham and the BNP

As previously featured on Lib Dem Voice, Duwayne Brooks was running to be a Liberal Democrat councillor in one of yesterday’s by-elections. Duwayne, along with fellow candidate Jenni Clutten, won. Congratulations to them both.

Labour’s campaign was at times, shall we say, unusual, with a heavy emphasis in their leaflets of a plan of their to have the Union Jack* flying over Lewisham Town Hall.

As Dave Hill has written over on The Guardian:

How does that work for you? It made me a little queasy. Shouldn’t Labour concentrate on exposing the BNP for what it is rather than pandering to the nationalism it exploits?

You can read his full post here.


* Pedants may wish to point out that as Lewisham Town Hall is not a ship, or even a canal boat, it wouldn’t be the Union Jack but the Union Flag. But I can out-pedant you by pointing to the BBC’s policy, though of course in return you can out-pedant me by highlighting that the BBC uses a different capitalisation policy from this post. But let’s just agree not to fly it upside down. And thank goodness the quote in Dave Hill’s piece is correct.

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