1 photo, 3 things Haringey gets wrong with potholes

This photo was taken on Albert Road yesterday:

Albert Road pothole

Three things to note:

  • Despite Haringey’s PR blitz about its potholes blitz, it’s still there. I first reported it 12 weeks ago today, and have chased it up in the meantime. The outcome so far? Some white paint around it.
  • You can also see how sloppy and incomplete road works are tolerated, with road markings not being replaced after new tarmac is put down. (Though at least that is better than doing new paintwork before you put new tarmac down all over it)
  • And the best of the lot… one of the answers I got when chasing up this pothole previously is that it isn’t in Haringey. It most certainly is – as Haringey Council now concedes – but that wasn’t a one-off administrative glitch. Haringey Council regularly makes this mistake over issues around the Stroud Green Road area. For this part of the borough at least, Haringey Council is dreadful at knowing where its own boundaries are.

One response to “1 photo, 3 things Haringey gets wrong with potholes”

  1. Did the Government make extra funds available to Councils to repair pot holes?? or is my memory mistaken? IF so, did Haringey take up the funding?

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