Where can I find the UK's cheapest cars?

What’s  easier: give people your web address or ask them to Google a phrase such as “Where can I find the UK’s cheapest cars?

I’ve blogged before about the trend in some advertising towards giving people phrases to Google rather than asking them to remember a web address to visit. Martin Belam has spotted another example, this time a newspaper advert for which pushes people towards Googling that phrase. In some circumstances asking people to remember a phrase to Google, rather than a web address, is a good idea.

But in this case, as he says:

I just can’t get my head around what happened in the meeting where they decided “search for ‘where can I find the UKs cheapest cars'” was a catchier marketing message than “search for ‘cargiant'” or just drilling home ‘visit’.

2 responses to “Where can I find the UK's cheapest cars?”

  1. Looks like they are building the cheapest used cars message and doing a good job.  They are well ranked for most searches around cheapest used cars and that can’t be a bad thing. Or can it?Cheap is a very transactional word, but on used cars it tends to focus consumers towards the lower end of the market ie under £3000. So if they have plenty of cars under £3000- great message. However they only have 37 cars in stock under £4000 out of a stock of over 2000 cars, so most of their effort will be wasted. My own research and expereince shows that 90% of users on these type of keywords are looking at sub 3k cars. Interestingly on new cars, cheap doesn’t focus towards any given price band, as all new cars have a fixed starting price and it is a good way of differentiating the best deal from the worst deal. On used cars cheap actuall means low priced! So cheap new is goodCheap used is just cheap

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