BBC journalists are loved by … Conservative MPs

Across all the mainstream parties you’ll find MPs who mutter about the BBC’s funding setup and its editorial judgements, but most frequently those comments come from the Conservative Party’s ranks

However, a newly published poll of MPs asking them to list their favourite broadcast journalists shows the BBC dominating the preferences – even of Conservative Members of Parliament.

Overall, four of the top five broadcast journalists are from the BBC:

1. Nick Robinson
2. Andrew Marr
3. Jon Snow
4. John Humphrys
5. Jeremy Paxman

Even amongst Conservative MPs alone, it is the BBC that dominates with four in the top five again, albeit slightly different names:

1. Nick Robinson
2. John Humphrys
3. Jeremy Paxman
4. Matthew Parris
5. Ed Stourton

The poll was carried out by ComRes, surveying 151 MPs 22 April – 14 May 2009.

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