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Been rung by 0161 850 5451? Here’s why I wouldn’t do business with them

I got a call from HYC (Help Your Claim) on 0161 850 5451 a few days ago.

If you do too, here’s why I wouldn’t do business with HYC:

  1. When I asked where they had got my phone number from, they claimed it was supplied to them “by the government”. That in itself is highly implausible.
  2. When I mentioned data protection issues, they said that the rules don’t apply to them as they only have mobile phone numbers but don’t hold other information about people. Data protection doesn’t give an opt out for mobile numbers. If anything, you have to be more careful about mobile numbers given that you can either text or phone them, and both of these are covered by data protection legislation.
  3. When I pressed further and asked them to confirm exactly where they got my phone number from, they first said they couldn’t tell me more, then stalled, then promised the information would be provided within three working days and then after those three days had been and gone without the answers, ignored my follow up request. That’s not the response you’d expect from a legit firm which has made an innocent mistake.

So if you get called from HYC, Help Your Claim and/or 0161 850 5451, I would advise you to politely end the conversation and walk away.

Except for one thing. If you have had a similarly unsatisfactory experience, you can lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner here.

Doing this is very worthwhile – it is complaints from people like you and me which helped lead to the £553,000 fine imposed on HYC by the Information Commissioner.

18 responses to “Been rung by 0161 850 5451? Here’s why I wouldn’t do business with them”

  1. I had similar call a few months ago that sounded like it was made in Bangalore not Burnley, claimed to be from Ministry of Justice regarding a claim that my car had been involved in a motor accident  –  since I don’t have a car and haven’t had one since 1995 or so I confidently pressed them for more information, they weren’t allowed to give me their number, it was against the DPA for them to tell me how they got my number etc in similar vein to Marks post, when I told them I was going to report the call to the police they hung up – be persistent don’t let these people bully you into handing over personal info, and if anything can be done to make there calls illegal please do tell

  2. I have been contacted by HYC on a 0333 number(manchester).When i told them that my ppi claims had been dealt with successfully they told me that they could do a RECLAIM
    and seek more compensation,they then sent me a shed load of forms for me to sign and somehow i don’t feel comfortable doing this and could do with some advice.

  3. Deffo avoid them..I actually allowed them to look into my ppi I got a letter from the bank asking if I give my permission as they had sent the wrong authorisation form, I then got a call from my bank asking all the questions etc regarding my ppi and was on the phone for 45 mins to them, I recieved a letter from the bank awarding me for my mis sold ppi, the next thing I got a call wanting £642 from hyc for their work!!!! All they did was send me a form to sign and sent it to the bank I did the rest, I have put a serious complaint in but they are deffo not getting g that amount from me for doing nothing.

    • i have the same situation from 2014 and they are chasing me for £473 for doing nothing the bank have also confirmed in writing they did nothing i have all correspondence and recorded delivery receipts thinks the court case is coming now!!

  4. i am in the exact same situ as n collins and lindsay heckler but they are asking for 899 pounds for next to nothing

  5. Just had a call from HYC, Also saying thay can do a reclaim, she sent me a link to open by txt, and said she would send me paper work to sign and send back. When i said I wouldn’t open the txt link because I don’t know you, she hung up. Then I found this site, so thanks for all the info I have just read, now i am scared of a large bill!!! Any ideas what i should do if I receive a “bill” ??

  6. What can you do to these people when they keep sending you text messages saying they have received my forms and they will start working my claim straight away when i have already told them i have deleted the first lot and told them i do not wish to do anything and take my number of their records.
    I keep getting calls from different numbers

  7. I have dealt with hyc & received £4137 for mis sold ppi. They are now asking me to pay them around £1500 for their fee. A little on the high side or what ?

  8. Just received this from HYC. Not asked them for anything so think it’s a scam! Just worried if it isn’t though.

    HYC: !!! Final Stage !!!

    Hi Trudi,

    So we are now able to enter Judgment by default as there has been no response to try and get this account resolve with HYC Ltd.

    HYC Ltd has been in contact with yourself on several occasions and therefore the following action will be taken

    1. We will enter a CCJ of a repayment
    2. Request a Default Judgment due to the lack of response from yourself
    3. Also be advise you will also be liable for all extra charges that will get added onto the overdue account

    All the Best
    @H.Y.C Ltd
    Payments and Collections Manager
    0161 850 0593

  9. They got in touch with me about tax saying they could win a case I received just over £300 I paid them £104.14 now saying the havnt received it

  10. I had a very large refund of them and very happy with their sevice
    3 refunds altogether for couple of thousand pounds
    They are no scam snd definitely genuine people who help get you a refund

  11. They sent me £309 last year now they are demanding £111. Txting ringing me up to 5 times a day. Now threatening me with legal case. Not sure what to do.

  12. Just given our national insurance no and both singed our signatures. How can I cancel this .please can u help

  13. My wife as been told from H.Y.C.that she is entitled to £1200.00 from hmrc for marriage tax iv told her not to give out any information it sounds like a Scam.

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