UK would face huge bill to opt out of EU

So reports The Times:

Britain would face a huge bill from the EU and may still have to obey many of its rules should voters opt to leave Europe, an independent analysis has warned.

In an assessment that will worry MPs hoping to take the UK out of the EU, a review by House of Commons officials concluded that Britain would “almost certainly” have to settle its “financial account” with Europe.

The review also concluded that despite EU legislation being one of the main bugbears for voters opposed to Europe, “in practice the UK is likely to keep many EU rules”…

It warns that Britain could face a big EU bill after leaving as a result of projects already in the pipeline that rely in part on British money.

One response to “UK would face huge bill to opt out of EU”

  1. Mark, are you suggesting the public’s independence should be held to ransom just so some EU pipe dreams can be made reality. A united Europe is an ideal to fight for heart and soul but not at the expense of independent cultures and ethics. The EU has become parasitical in swallowing the peoples money and giving very little back. It is a failed experiment, it is time to return to the drawing board and start again, only this time let not try to unite Europe for money. – Rosetta

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