Unite: against a pay freeze, except when it’s in favour of one

Hearing Unite’s heated rhetoric against a public sector pay freeze, you might think that Unite doesn’t like the idea of pay freezes. Curious then that another leaked Unite document includes this about its own staff:

There is no pay increase for 2013.

It rather reminds me of Labour’s position on how inflation is calculated for pension purposes. So outraged about the change for state pensions that, er…, when it comes to its own staff pension scheme, Labour uses the very rules it opposes for others.

2 responses to “Unite: against a pay freeze, except when it’s in favour of one”

  1. Mark, do you really think it is fair to jump to conclusions based on a small quotation with no context provided whatsoever? I have no idea what Unite are saying here based on what you have provided.

    • Geoff_Hackney¬†Not quite sure what you mean by “no context provided whatsoever”, given that the blog post links through to the full UNITE document that contains the quote?

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