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New research plunges newspaper industry into crisis, nearly

An intrepid journalist from the William James School of Multiverse Journalism brings back this report on how this week played out in a very similar, yet not quite identical, parallel universe.

Newspaper industry plunged into crisis as new research reveals they widely mislead their readers

Shock new research into the views of the British public has plunged the newspaper industry into crisis.

The work, carried out by the Royal Statistical Society and King’s College London, tested the public’s views on a range of topics heavily covered by the country’s newspapers week  after week. Shockingly, the research found that the public is massively misinformed about issues such as the level of benefit fraud, the number of Muslims living here and what is happening to the crime rate.

One tabloid newspaper editor confessed, “I’m a bit embarrassed. We write about benefit fraud almost every day, but it turns out my readers get the most basic of facts wrong”. Another added, “All those front papers about immigration have gone to waste. Don’t the public ever read them? If they did, there’s no way they’d be so badly misinformed.”

A leading expert in journalism from City University added: “This must be very worrying for the newspaper industry. The newspapers are desperate to find ways to persuade the public to carry on paying for news. If news seeps out about how  badly informed newspaper readers are, many will wonder why both pay for a paper that doesn’t inform them better?”

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  1. I read my Mother in Laws Daily Mail 2/3 times a week,i have become convinced it is a foreign publication as it writes about a country that I do not recognise as England 🙂

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