Very handy: Innergie PocketCell Rechargeable Battery Bank

The Innergie PocketCell is the latest Innergie product designed to make life with a clutch of electronic gadgets easier, particularly those without swappable batteries.

It is a small and light recharging block: you carry it round with you and when a mobile phone, iPod or pretty much any USB device runs low on power, you recharge by plugging it into the PocketCell. No need to be near a power point.

Innergie PocketCell Rechargeable Battery Bank

As with other Innergie products, such as the mCube Slim 95 and the 3-in-1 Magic Cable (which you get a copy of included with the PocketCell), the design tries to be as slick as an Apple product but doesn’t quite make it. The simple sticky plastic covering on PocketCell itself is messy rather than easy to pull back, the cardboard packaging is simple to open but then tears readily and makes it fiddly to lift out the cable, and the device has only one button but requires instructions that tell you to start with Button E and then move on to plug H as if making it as easy as A, B, C is for wimps.

Of course, Apple is a high standard to hold a product to, though with Apple-like prices it’s also a fair one. It’s also true that, for all the similar niggles with their mCube Slim 95 and the 3-in-1 Magic Cable, I regularly use both.

Will I end up a regular user of this one? My preference until now for ensuring I can carry on using devices when away from power points for a long time is to carry round spare batteries. They are cheap, light and do the job – as long as you are not using an Apple product of course, with their batteries locked away from your touch.

So I think the odds are yes, I will be a regular user. Will I be a happy one too? That in part depends on how robust and reliable it turns out to be, and although the early signs are promising an early review of a new product can never be that sure of those points.


You can buy the Innergie PocketCell Rechargeable Battery Bank from Amazon here.

Note: a review copy of this product was provided to me for free.

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