Should Lib Dem spring conference be axed, altered or continue largely as it is?

That question about Liberal Democrat federal spring conferences is asked by a consultation paper going to the party’s Glasgow autumn conference:



What’s your view?


2 responses to “Should Lib Dem spring conference be axed, altered or continue largely as it is?”

  1. Conference gives Lib Dem members the opportunity to find out more about their party, participate in it, do training, networking, and in these difficult times find out what our MPs are doing and to hear their side of the argument – often lacking through the media. A 2 day conference is more affordable for many people.
    We never seem to have enough time to debate the issues we are confronted with in government.
    So getting rid of the conference is a bad idea altogether. Fortunately the people who decide will be those who go to conference.

  2. I wouldn’t be too upset if Spring Conference was abolished – providing we get an additional day and a half at Autumn conference. The main reason for this, is the loss of policy motion debates we could have in a single year would be reduced if we didn’t have Spring Conference. It’s hard enough to get a motion tabled, so reducing this further would be painful from a democratic point of view.

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