Coming to Lib Dem conference? Hope to see you Sunday night

There are many great fringe meetings scheduled for party conference in Glasgow, not to mention the opportunity to see Vince Cable propelled at high speed along corridors, but the one I’m most looking forward to taking part in is on the Sunday evening, courtesy of the Lib Dem History Group:

Survival and success: The first 25 years of the Liberal Democrats

This year, 2013, marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Liberal Democrats. From near-annihilation to entry into government, the years since 1988 have been a roller-coaster ride for the party.

Discuss which factors were important in the survival and success of the Liberal Democrats, and speculate about the future, with

  • Duncan Brack (Editor, Journal of Liberal History): on leadership and policy
  • Mark Pack (Liberal Democrats online campaign manager, 2001 and 2005): on campaigns
  • John Curtice (Professor Politics, Strathclyde University): who votes for the Liberal Democrats?
  • Cllr Julie Smith (Vice Chair, Lib Dem Policy Commottee): on the impact of coalition
  • Chair: Paddy Ashdown (Chair, 2015 general election campaign)
8.00pm, Sunday 15 September 2013
Picasso 2 room, Campanile Hotel, 10 Tunnel Street, Glasgow G3 8HL (this is outside the conference secure area – no passes necessary)
Chairing may not fully follow my advice

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