UKIP candidate admits forged signatures as police end Nigel Kennedy investigation

Cambridge News reports:

A UKIP candidate from Arbury who stood for election in Cambridge forged signatures on his nomination form because he thought people in his area were ‘lacklustre about politics’.

Hugh Mennie, 67, of Kingsway, pleaded guilty to forging three of the eight signatures…

Mennie was fined £110 and was disqualified from the election process for five years. He will also pay £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

Meanwhile, in Camden Richard Osley reports:

If violinist Nigel Kennedy has been worrying about what he may or may not have said to The Guardian in an interview last weekend, he can stop right now. The police called in by Conservatives to investigate his comment that he had allowed a friend to use his wife’s voting card to vote for Glenda Jackson will go no further than writing him an advisory letter.

Officers say if a case was going to be brought – and this is the language of potentials and not a comment on whether Kennedy is actually guilty of anything – it would needed to have stemmed from a complaint within the 12 months that followed the 2010 election.


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