I think I could crack being a military analyst

2(a) might be beyond me, but I’m pretty confident 2(b) and 2(c) require the sorts of knowledge I have.

Capability of Fighter Ground Attack Aircraft against Tanks. Photo courtesy of https://twitter.com/jon_agar/status/382485932382756866/photo/1

It’s just possible the Cabinet Office wasn’t impressed with the Defence Scientific Advisory Committee in 1971.

2 responses to “I think I could crack being a military analyst”

  1. On the other hand, it’s expressed in admirably clear common English. If it had been dressed up: “Significant casualty disbenefits result in a significant number of cases where hostile anti-aircraft output eventuates in response to an air to land intervention”, they might have been impressed.

  2. Oh, the good old days in the Civil Service when you didn’t/couldn’t easily send to all, but sent a memo (minutes we called them) on its merry way round a circulation list. I wonder if it actually reached Sir Solly.

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