Liberal Democrat Newswire 36 is out: what are Lib Dems achieving in government?

Edition #36 of Liberal Democrat Newswire came out last week, containing a new poster showing what the party is achieving in government. You can now also read it below.

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Mark Pack

Liberal Democrat Newswire #36

Welcome to the 36th edition of Liberal Democrat Newswire, which this time contains a new infographic/poster – a fully updated 2013 version of 'What have the Liberal Democrats achieved in government?'

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What have the Liberal Democrats achieved?

What Have The Lib Dems Achieved? PreviewLast year my infographic/poster 'What have the Liberal Democrats achieved in government?' was a big hit online, and also helped inspire the party to move towards a similar graphical style for some of its own official publications.

A year on, it has been given a thorough update, reflecting 12 months further progress on issues such as tax cuts for the millions but tax rises for millionaires, not to mention same sex marriage.

It is also now in a handy A3 size, making it much more suited to printing and off line use.

View it in full at www.markpack.org.uk/libdem-infographic/, where there is also a download option for a high-res print ready version.

Thanks as ever are due to the excellent Kath Harding, the policy team at Liberal Democrat HQ who have been very helpful at sharing and checking information and those who have commented on the drafts, especially Alex Wilcock. Responsibility for the choices over the content, and any errors in it, rests of course with myself.

Also available…

What Do The Liberal Democrats Believe? PreviewThe Lib Dem achievements infographic is now one of a pair, alongside my 'What do the Liberal Democrats believe?' production released earlier this year. You can still view and share that online too: https://www.markpack.org.uk/libdem-beliefs/

You might also enjoy this one from the Liberal Party in the early 1980s, explaining how the party then worked… but without mentioning the party leader at all!

Two great books for political geeks

There are two recent books by the Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher combo which I have not previously mentioned in Liberal Democrat Newswire and which I suspect will be of interest to many readers.

First, British Electoral Facts 1832-2012. As I wrote in a review of it

British Electoral Facts 1832-2012 - book coverInevitably there is a slightly random feel to some of the statistics which are included because they happen to have been compiled – because someone happened to want them at some point in the past and therefore asked a Parliamentary question or similar.

How many people are likely to want to know the number of voluntary patients in mental hospitals in Northern Ireland in 1996 – and turn to a book on electoral facts for the answer? (Page 105 by the way.)

But then that is part of the charm of such a book, with the pleasantly curious statistic always just a few turns of the page away. I doubt I’ll come across a need to know the number of ballot papers in Scotland in 1959 spoilt for having writing or a mark by which the voter could be identified, but there are numerous other statistics which will come in useful.

An example is the table showing the number of polling stations and how they’ve been falling steadily at elections, just the sort of figures that could provide useful background to the question of whether more polling places would help election turnout.

The book has high production standards, which is particularly welcome in a reference book likely to get repeated use.

Buy British Electoral Facts 1832-2012 by Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher here.

Second, Election 2010: The Official Results. You might expect that in the online world, with huge amounts of information only a search away, a book which collates public election results that were widely covered online is of limited use.

However, this book does an excellent job at bucking that expectation because it brings together all the sorts of fiddly details which are often hard to track down online even when headline constituency results are easy to find. Added to that is some handy analysis, such as turnout figures by English regions and lists of marginal seats for each of the main parties sorted by size of majority.

That makes it a rather helpful publication.

Buy Election 2010: The Official Results by Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher here.

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