The decline of Nigel Farage

There’s a trend in those polling results for Ukip leader Nigel Farage:

Nigel Farage's polling decline

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  1. I think you are whistling in the dark Mark. These numbers match the polling/focus groups that show UKIP as the most hated party. But it is still possible to win the euros and shatter the system and be the most hated leader/party. In fact the two go together. Farage/UKIP thrive on enraging the established parties and those wedded to the status quo. All you are measuring is your own fear alas. UKIP must be fought by understanding and addressing the anxieties and antipathies that drive them, make the case for labour mobility in the EU, think through your liberal mindset to see why so much of England loathes London etc. etc.

  2. John Stevens Couldn’t agree more John. Talk about grasping at straws. I have no brief for UKIP but it’s plain to see that parts of the Establishment are in denial. UKIP will storm the European elections in 2015. What happens after that is harder to forecast. Dyed in the wool Tories where I live in deep Toryshire are all switching to UKIP, even the activists. I understand it’s the same in some Labour regions in the North. There is huge anger out there in the real world at the way the country has been trashed over the last 15 years and the chickens are coming home to roost..

  3. Are you all deaf and blind or have been living in a cave ?  The people (most of us anyway) want out of the EU !

  4. John Stevens Agree with you both. The ‘perfect storm’ is brewing…Jack Straws belated acknowledgement of the disastrous ‘open doors’ immigration policy allied with the settling (and associated horror stories to come) of the Romanian/Bulgarian influx next year. UKIP and Nigel Farage simply have to sit back, watch the mayhem and hoover up the floating vote. So…. nice graph Mark, but the populace really can look beyond pretty pictures.

  5. outside the Westminster bubble people i know who have never spoken about politics are now saying that immigration has gone to far and they will vote UKIP, the establishment is really underestimating the hatred of the political class in the real world, i think a shock is coming to some of those expenses fiddling clowns

  6. Hilarious – BBC blackout for UKIP good news and spotlight on bad news may help these ‘between events’ numbers for the LD’s, but the fact is that, 70 if us want UKIP representing us in Europe, and around 15% want UKIP representing us in England. The third biggest party. For now.

  7. If UKIP is so successful, why didn’t they have any candidates at all in the city of Newcastle in the last set of council election? Zero percent, not 70% And within the past few days, they’ve merged with the local Newcastle First party, to get ready made candidates. The former leader of that party is so happy, that he’s resigned and declared on Twitter that he will NOT be joining UKIP. Just saying.

  8. Tom………you doubt the revolution?  Mi Compadres are taking the fight to you Northerners……..Labour have let the workers down badly by flooding the market with extranjeros…………UKIP will help even the balance.  Contact your local party & see if you too can join the revolution………………Hasta La Vitoria Siempre (‘until the victory, always’!) mi amigo!

  9. If, as is highly likely, that UKIP have a landslide showing at the European elections next year, the Tories in particular will go into a tailspin, although there are implications for Labour as well. They will be under huge pressure to engage in some sort of electoral pact with UKIP before the General Election in 2015, to stop their vote being split and handing victory to Labour. UKIP voters I talk to know this and are prepared to take the chance of inadvertantly delivering a Labour win, so hungry are they for real change. The Libdems have made themselves all but irrelevant. Interesting times..

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