Bingo! It’s a poll finding on a proper political question which puts Nick Clegg top

Having Nick Clegg come out the best of the main party leaders in polls of the general public is rather a rarity these days. (Polls of the voters the party is targeting – those who will vote Lib Dem or are prepared to seriously consider it, a group large enough to give the party a good general election result – are another matter. Clegg comes out well in those.)

Interesting then to see the latest from YouGov on the environment. Usual caveats about margin of error apply, but it’s worth noting both that unusually (within the margin of error) Nick Clegg comes out top overall. Also unusually (and more clearly, though less rare) is that his ratings amongst his own party’s supporters beat Cameron’s amongst his and Miliband’s amongst his:

YouGov polling on the environment

It’s a reminder that the environment, aside from being an important policy area in its own right and an important issue for many party activists, is also one of the party’s few policy areas of relative strength with the public.

News about the government scaling back on some green electricity measures understandably had many Liberal Democrats looking rather nervously for news on what the party will be securing in return. That has started to leak too (grants for new homeowners to make their properties greener, in particular), but they will still be looking closely to see if the Autumn Statement does indeed simply change the mix of green energy policies rather than reduce them.

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