7 quick observations on what Lord Ashcroft’s new polling says about Lib Dems

1. As with Labour, the biggest source of new supporters for the Conservatives are Liberal Democrats. Winning votes from, or losing some of those gains back to, the Liberal Democrats is key to the prospects of both of the largest parties, just as it is to the Liberal Democrats. (See p.33 of the full document below)

2. Liberal Democrats do best on “its heart is in the right place” (29% agree) and “wants to help ordinary people get on in life” (24%), and has the biggest problem with trust – “will do what they say” gets just 9%. (See p.34)

3. Vince Cable is more popular than Nick Clegg, though not by a huge margin. Vince Cable is, for example, less popular than Ed Miliband or Theresa May. (See p.35)

4. Liberal Democrats do best on the environment – 41% of voters says it has the best policies on the issue, the only policy area where it beats both Labour and the Conservatives. Other areas of relative strength are ensuring people are treated fairly (24%), scrapping unnecessary regulations (21%) and schools (19%). (See p.36-7)

5. There is huge potential for Conservatives to vote tactically for the Lib Dems in Lib Dem versus Labour fights given that 38% of Conservative loyalists (Conservative in 2010 and now) say they “could see myself voting Lib Dem at some time in the future”. (see p.37)

6. 35% of people want a coalition involving the Lib Dems after 2015, 34% of people want a Labour government and 31% of people want a Conservative government after 2015. Those 35% split 20% wanting a Labour/Lib Dem coalition and 15% wanting a Conservative/Lib Dem coalition.

7. Oh, and Ed Balls is less popular than even Nick Clegg. (See p.35)


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  1. GreenLibDems least worst of main parties on green issues nothing to be proud of. Supporting #nuclear loses you my vote. Chosen greenparty

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