Electoral Commission recommends voters prove their identity before voting

The Sunday Times reports:

VOTERS could have to show their passport or driving licence to prove their identity at polling stations, under a recommendation by the government’s elections watchdog.

The Electoral Commission’s proposal follows evidence that an increasing number of people are being impersonated at polling stations and their votes being stolen. The change would lead to people who failed to produce ID — including anyone whose passport was being renewed — being denied a vote.

Government sources said the recommendation, expected this week, would be taken seriously but it is unclear if it could be implemented in time for the next election.

There would certainly be practical problems about what range of ID is acceptable, but I find it hard to believe the Electoral Commission will really suggest a scheme that – as the quote above says – means someone whose passport is being renewed is denied a vote, end of story. Much more likely that passports will be one of a range of documents permissible (especially as not all voters have passports), and so if your passport is off being renewed, then you would still have other ways to prove your identity.

3 responses to “Electoral Commission recommends voters prove their identity before voting”

  1. NOT a good idea, people struggle to remember their polling cards, we do NOT NEED ANOTHER BARRIER. How many times have you been telling on poll day when someone just ‘pops’ in to vote as they … Walk the dog …. See polling signs as they drive home, etc. More constructive ideas to open up voting. ie Sunday voting, online voting, SMS voting

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