Can you spot the odd one out? Alex Carlile in the Mail on Sunday

A few quotes from Alex Carlile’s piece in the Mail on Sunday defending Chris Rennard:

“This refusal is monstrous.”

“I regret to say the approach of the party has made the North Korean judicial system seem benign.”

“Anything done by Henry VIII’s thugs to extract confessions from Anne Boleyn’s courtiers [is] gentle [by comparison].”

“[Chris Rennard has been subject to] treatment that Thomas Cromwell would have hesitated from using on behalf of Henry VIII.”

“It is time for all to calm down.”

Alex Carlile’s choice of words may well boost the Mail‘s readership. It’s hard to see how it benefits anyone else.

2 responses to “Can you spot the odd one out? Alex Carlile in the Mail on Sunday”

  1. I find it hard to believe that Alex Carlisle would say anything so stupid, many Libdem women have complained about Reynard’s behaviour, I cant believe its a conspiracy by them. However I don’t trust the Mail on Sunday to report on what Carlisile said, and not to edit his words so they appear to say such rubbish as this. Reform the House of Lords so they don’t have a job for life.
    George Miles  (Herefordshire)

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