Tax on £1 million houses: 69% in favour finds YouGov poll

Both here and on Lib Dem Voice, I don’t usually do individual polls, relying instead on Stephen’s monthly round-ups for LDV. But I do make exceptions when there’s something particularly striking or interesting about them. One of the recent YouGov questions falls into this category.

With the usual caveats about it a poll that is carried out in the middle of one party’s conference and that policy proposals can look different once they’ve been subject to constructive debate frequent attack from other parties, here it is:

The Liberal Democrats have proposed a new tax on the most expensive houses. Householders would pay an annual tax of 0.5% on the value of their house over £1 million, with the money raised being used to take people earning less than £10,000 out of income tax. Do you support or oppose this suggestion?

Support strongly 34
Support somewhat 35 (Total support: 69%)
Oppose somewhat 14
Oppose strongly 10 (Total oppose: 24%)
Don’t know 8

(The poll was carried out 22-23 September, a shorter time period than usual, but YouGov look to have taken a sensible approach to dealing with the problems of snap polling, as explained by Anthony Wells here.)

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