UKIP councillor Peter Lagoda admits to £25,000 benefits fraud

An update on UKIP councillor Peter Lagoda:

Peter Lagoda has admitted to fiddling nearly £25,000 through benefits fraud just days after coming under pressure to be booted out of the party for using “deeply offensive” language during a fire station visit.

Cambridgeshire councillor Peter Lagoda and his wife Maria pleaded guilty to benefits fraud at the start of their trial in a ruse that stretched for more than two years…

Lagoda said that he described his north African sister as a “w*g” and his relatives living in Germany as “Mongols” who had children with “slanty eyes”.

“Yes, my cousin married Mongols and now all their little children are ever so cute and they have slanty eyes,” he said in a telephone interview.

Cllr Lagoda’s remarks during his visit to the fire station in January alongside current Ukip councillor Paul Clapp caused one of the firefighters to lodge an official complaint about being left feeling “uncomfortable”.


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