Italian change delays British Euro-elections by 1 hour

Although Britain votes in the European Parliament elections on Thursday 22nd May, the election result can’t be declared until after the polling has finished in all the rest of the European Union. With weekend voting the norm in many countries, that means waiting until Sunday night.

However, news just in from Italy (via the Electoral Commission) is that voting there on the Sunday will now finish one hour later than planned, at 10pm UK time rather than 9pm. This will be the latest close of polls across Europe and therefore means the parts of the count that can’t take place until after all the polls have closed – such as sharing the results of the provisional vote totals with any agents or candidate present at local counts – are going to be put back an hour in the UK too.

Given the necessarily later finish, expect too for the start of the process to be delayed by an hour.

One response to “Italian change delays British Euro-elections by 1 hour”

  1. Checking 2009 BBC live blogging, only North East declared before 10 PM UK time. All other regions declared well after it.

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